Property Crimes

About the Property Crimes Unit

There are ten detectives and a sergeant assigned to full-time investigative work in the Property Crimes Unit. The unit’s focus is on investigating property crimes, arresting property crimes suspects, and recovering stolen property.

The principal crimes investigated are residential and commercial burglaries, auto theft, and other felony theft cases, including theft by sales to pawn shops and scrap metal theft. Property Crimes places an emphasis on repeat offenders committing felony crimes with priority placed on building solid cases resulting in lengthy incarceration terms.

Investigation Methods

Detectives utilize every known method of investigation including review of scene evidence, video evidence, fingerprint analysis, DNA analysis when appropriate, targeted surveillance, witness interviews and suspect interrogations.

As do other investigations units, the Property Crimes Unit works closely with the Lane County District Attorney’s Office, where there is a mutual emphasis on targeting repeat offenders. Thorough investigations are completed on repeat offenders, yielding guilty pleas or verdicts, and significant prison sentences.

Community Partners and Additional Information

The unit also works with community partners including the media and members of the public by producing and presenting public service announcements. These are aired on local media and highlight certain aspects of public safety in the realm of property crimes.

For more information on preventing burglaries, thefts, and other property crimes, please visit the Crime Prevention area of this website. If you have been victimized by a property crime such as burglary or car theft, please report it by calling 541-682-5111. For crimes in progress, call 911. To provide a tip,