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Eugene’s boards and commissions are resident advisory groups that provide an invaluable service to our city by advising City Council and/or City staff on a wide variety of subjects. Use the menu to the left to get more information on each group.

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Eugene Citizen Commissioner for MWMC

(Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission)


The MWMC is an Intergovernmental partnership of the City of Eugene, City of Springfield, and Lane County to provide regional wastewater collection and treatment services for roughly 252,000 community members in the metropolitan region. The MWMC has been providing high-quality wastewater services to system users since 1977.


The governing body for the MWMC (the Commission) is comprised of seven members, including two from the City of Springfield, two from Lane County, and three from the City of Eugene. Of the seven members, each agency has one elected member (City Council, Board of County Commissioners, etc.) that serves on the Commission. The remaining four members are appointed to the Commission and are referred to as citizen representatives or citizen members.


The charge of the MWMC and Commission is to construct, operate, and maintain the regional wastewater system and treatment facilities. The Commission finances the facilities in accordance with the MWMC’s Financial Plan, and the Commission is entrusted with all powers allowed to an intergovernmental entity under ORS Chapter 190.


Responsibilities for the Commission include but are not limited to the following:

  • Achieve equity among regional sewer users within the metro region
  • Identify and manage the source of funds for acquisitions, construction, operations and maintenance of the regional wastewater and treatment facilities
  • Make decisions and vote on the construction, maintenance, and operation of the regional wastewater facilities
  • Implement the Financial Plan and annual budget, which includes 5-year CIP budgets (Capital Improvement Program) and single-year Operating budgets
  • Recommend to the Governing Bodies (‘the regional partners’) a schedule of sewer user charges and system development charges (SDCs) for regional wastewater services
  • Establish contracts for operation and maintenance of the facilities, administrative services, and other services as necessary
  • Adopt uniform standards for pretreatment requirements for industrial and other wastes
  • Adopt minimum standards for construction and maintenance of local sewage collection systems
  • Make decisions and vote on improvements to the regional wastewater facilities


Looking for one Eugene citizen member to the Commission who can help the MWMC further its priorities. A good fit for this role would be a person who:

  • Understands the water/wastewater utility industry and related services
  • Offers experience and/or understanding of capital infrastructure planning and budgeting
  • Offers experience and/or understanding of utility-scale operations and maintenance (O&M)
  • Offers some engineering experience


The Eugene citizen members on the Commission advise the City Council on regional wastewater services. The Commission is a diverse, seven-member body that acts in a governmental capacity, created through intergovernmental agreement and approved by City Council in 1977.

Apply online through October 28, 2022 to serve as a Eugene citizen member on the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission!