Housing Policy Board

Role of the Housing Policy Board

The Intergovernmental Housing Policy Board (HPB) acts as a forum for public input into the community issues related to affordable housing. It reviews low-income housing issues and makes policy and other recommendations regarding affordable housing to Eugene and Lane County governments. The mission of the HPB is to increase the availability of decent, affordable housing for low and very low income families and individuals in Lane County.


  • HPB Hiatus:  With HPB finalizing the renter protection relocation assistance recommendation in March 2023, HPB completed the last of three focus areas it established in 2017. [1] On September 11, 2023, Housing Policy Board voted to take a hiatus until either such time as the Eugene City Council has concluded its Phase III Renter Protections process and any resulting regulations have been adopted or either elected member representing City or County to the Housing Policy Board request that the Housing Policy Board reconvene.  To ensure appropriate engagement, outreach, and implementation of current and potentially future renter protections, staff time is focused on completing the renter protections City Council process.  Once that is concluded and in keeping with the Housing Implementation Pipeline, it will be an opportunity to take stock of all HPB has accomplished and consider next steps in the structure of the Board and current community needs.  Until the Board has had the opportunity to have this conversation, we will wait to revisit the need to recruit or appoint any new members. 
  • Stay Informed: As part of the Housing Implementation Pipeline communication strategies that relate to housing policy, programming, and explorations, the City is utilizing regular communications to the public via email list servs, the EUG Planning Newsletter, social media outlets, and through the HIP 6-month updates that get sent to City Council and are updated on our website. Staff will continue to send HPB and its interested parties list regular communications throughout the year. Sign up here.
  • Renter Protections: Council approved the Phase II Renter Protections Ordinance on July 24 that became effective and enforceable on August 25, 2023. The administrative rules for the Ordinance are being completed. A notice will be published in The Register Guard and sent to the HPB interested parties list when the rules are posted for public review and comment. Anticipated date for adoption of the rules is late October/early November. Sign up here.

    • Tenant Education Information flyer that includes summary information about Phase II Renter Protections is available for download on the renter protections and rental housing code websites. Landlords are required to distribute this Tenant Education Information document with all rental agreements.
    • Landlord Forms: The Rental Housing Code requires that landlords report Relocation Assistance Exemptions, Relocation Assistance Payments, and Terminations of Tenancy/Evictions to the City. The City has provided forms that landlords may use. The City will also accept reports in other ways as long as all the information required by the Code is included. The Administrative Rule will specify which City forms will be required. Until that's in place, the current City forms are optional.
    • Upcoming Renter Survey: In October, the City will conduct a survey to all renters whose addresses are registered in the City’s Rental Housing Code database. To create a statistically significant, representative sample, we will send an invitation via US Postal Service to the 35,000 rental addresses in the RHC database. The City is interested in understanding what issues Eugene renters have in common and identifying issues that are unique or experienced more frequently by population segments that have historically experienced discrimination. The City will include with the survey mailer the updated Tenant Education Information flyer. 
    • Landlord Survey: In early 2024, the City will administer a landlord survey. More information will be made available when it is closer to release.

[1] The three focus areas were: 1) construction excise tax, which Council approved in 2019, 2) middle housing, which Council approved in 2022, and 3) renter protections, which Council has approved two phases and will consider the third phase in the near future.

Current HPB Members

  • Heather Buch (County Commissioner)
  • Emily Semple (Eugene City Council)
  • John VanLandingham
  • Julia Boss (Chair)
  • Bernice Pogue

  • Kristen Karle
  • Steve Ochs
  • Darcy Phillips
  • Emily Reiman
  • Timothy Morris (Co-Chair)
  • Andrew Heben

Meeting Information

Information about the next meeting will be posted when it becomes be available. Previous Housing Policy Board work plans, agendas, and meeting materials may be found in the folders below by year.

2021  2022  2023

Recorded meetings have recently become available:

February 7, 2022 (Password: e65hJ$ac)

June 6, 2022 (Password: A$C1T+7G )

October 3, 2022 (Password: k+C?KO2T)

December 5, 2022 (Password: Z$5BShe.)

January 9, 2023 (Password: 9rk*tb^i)

February 6, 2023 (Password: b7xG#7VC)

February 27, 2023 (Password: cNhq$5hr)

March 6, 2023 (Password: ytGW1#dD)

May 1, 2023 (Password: L=89zr=*)

July 10, 2023 (Password: jv^=k4ZA)

September 11, 2023 (Password: cc1P*7h$)

If you are interested in joining the Housing Policy Board Interested Parties List, sign up below. Information including notifications of meetings, events, resources, board recruitment, and participation opportunities will be delivered to your inbox.

April 27, 2020, City Council Meeting

Adoption of 2020 Eugene-Springfield Consolidated Plan

Agenda Item Summary, presentation, and recorded webcast 

February 24, 2020, City Council Work Session

Eugene-Springfield Consolidated Plan

Agenda Item Summary, presentation, and recorded webcast 

The Housing Implementation Pipeline (HIP) is an internal, cross-departmental, 5-year work plan for the City organization. This work plan coordinates current and future City resources, goals, and priorities with a systems-thinking approach to housing across the full continuum from people experiencing homelessness to overall housing supply. Importantly, there are several initiatives in the HIP that will require working closely with partners to be successful. Find out more here.

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