Downtown & Commercial Parking

Parking in the downtown parking garages is usually free on the weekends and after 6:00 PM on weekdays. However, during performances and other special events, parking charges may apply an hour-and-a-half prior to the event. See the Hult Center performance calendar where special event parking will apply at the Hult Center and Parcade garages. All Hult Center events charge an event parking fee in the Hult Center Garage.

Parking Meters

Operate from 7:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday. All meters are free after 6:00 pm and on Sundays.

60 minutes
5 hours
10 hours$13.50

Parking Garages

Garage rates are $1.00 per hour or $8 for the day, Monday through Friday

First hour FREE
Overpark and Parcade garages only
Library parking

Maximum of three hours Monday through Friday (limited availability)
All City garages
No charge after 6:00 pm, except for event parking
All City garages
Saturday and Sunday are FREE, except for event parking

Commercial Parking Zones

A commercially marked vehicle includes:

  • A vehicle with a "T" license plate. The plate is issued by the State of Oregon; and/or
  • A vehicle bearing the name of a business displayed on at least the driver’s side of the vehicle. This information may be either imprinted on the vehicle or on a commercially made sign (measuring no less than 12 inches in height and 12 inches in width).

Example of Commercial Parking Sign 30 Min Max

As the sign below indicates, a commercial vehicle is permitted to park in a commercial parking zone for 30 minutes. Commercial vehicles exceeding the 30 minute limit may be issued a citation. Additional citations may be issued for each successive 30-minute period the vehicle is over parked. Vehicles parked in these areas without proper identification will receive a citation. Non-commercial vehicles may be parked in commercial zones only if the sign designates a time limit for such (see picture). Non-commercial vehicles exceeding the 10-minute limit will be cited.

Example of Commercial Parking Sign 30 Min Max with 10 Min Alternate

Maintenance Vehicle Permit

The City of Eugene’s Maintenance permit is an annual permit for the use of a City of Eugene metered or time limited signed parking space by a company vehicle while legitimately engaged in maintenance, service, or repair work which necessitates the vehicle be adjacent to the job site.

1. The vehicle must be in compliance with the City of Eugene’s Commercial Vehicle Policy.

2. This permit is valid for only legal on-street parking spaces, except for loading zones, commercial zones, meter or time limited signs of 30 minutes or less.

3. This Permit may not be used at building remodels or new construction sites without preapproval from Parking Services Management

4. The applicant is responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen permits.

5. No refunds are granted for the permit.

Permit Rate
Maintenance Permit
$1,200 per permit per vehicle
Delivery Permit$240/year

Space Rental Permit

City parking spaces can be reserved by contractors, movers or others who may need to use the parking space(s) for a temporary amount of time through a City-issued Space Rental Permit. Instructions to purchase the permit are located below. This permit allows the user to remove the parking space from public use.

For parking space rental in a Residential Parking Zones (2 hours signs with a Permits A-H override), the fee is $5 per space per day. All other areas are $15 per space per day.

Space rental permit application instructions are available here.