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***Deadlines to submit claims, all appeals, grievance, and external review deadlines will be extended by disregarding the Outbreak Period for deadline determination. The “Outbreak Period” is defined as the time frame from 3/1/20 through 60 days following the announced end of the COVID-19 National Emergency or such other announced date.

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The City of Eugene self-insures all of its health plans. The medical, pharmacy and vision coverage is administered by PacificSource. 

For questions regarding your coverage, you can visit the PacificSource website or call customer services at 888-977-9299.

Flu Vaccine Information

Check out the FREE flu vaccine resources available through the City of Eugene.

  • PacificSource Flu Vaccine
    No cost to you through the PacificSource pharmacy network! Available for all members covered under the City’s health plans.
  • City of Eugene Annual Flu Vaccines
    The City of Eugene provides annual flu vaccines. For more information email the Benefits staff or call 541-682-5061.
  • Other Options
    Flu vaccines may also be available through your provider or County Health Department, but the member is responsible for any charges over the allowed amount. Please contact PacificSource for details.