Flexible Spending

Special COVID-19 Provisions:

2021 Plan Year FSA Grace Period Extension: The 2021 Flexible Spending Account Grace Period is extended through 12/31/22. Participants may submit Medical and Dependent Care FSA claims incurred from 1/1/21 through 12/31/22 for reimbursement from their outstanding 2021 Plan Year FSA account balance. Claims must be submitted to PacificSource Administrators (PSA) no later than 12/31/22.

  1. 2023 Plan Year Open Enrollment

FSA/TRA Open Enrollment - December 5th - 31st

You must re-enroll every year to continue participation! Forms are due by the end of the day on Saturday, December 31, 2022. 

FSA/TRA enrolment is completed in PeopleSoft, Employee Self Service, through the Benefit Details tile or click the Open Enrollment desktop icon, ISD has installed on your computer! If you do not have access to a City networked computer or VPN, please contact Benefits staff for assistance. 

Important: For new enrollees, the default reimbursement method is the Benefits MasterCard. If you wish to choose the EasyPay reimbursement method, click the FSA Additional Options tile in Employee Self Service, click Add a New Value, and complete the Form tab by following the instructions on the Instructions tab.

 If you are re-enrolling, you do not need to complete this step unless you want to change your method of reimbursement. You can also change your method of reimbursement through your PacificSource Administrators online account. Remember, that your current Benefits MasterCard will be re-loaded with 2023 plan year funds, so don't destroy your card! If you have destroyed your card or lost it, you will need to request a new card from PSA. 

You can find additional detailed information, FAQs, FSA Eligible/Ineligible Expenses, and more on the below tabs! 


Get information about 2023 FSA updates and find out how you can maximize your election. A representative from PacificSource Administrators will be available to answer all of your questions! 

Thursday, December 8, 2022, 1 -2 p.m. Teams Meeting

Attendance can be considered work time if during your regular work hours. Supervisory approval is required to attend any meeting during your regular work hours and family members are welcome to attend. 

FSA Health Care Account:

Defer up to $3,050 for eligible out of pocket health care costs. If leaving employment with the City of Eugene, any election amount not already deposited will be taken from the employee's final paycheck or with payments in after-tax dollars. However, expenses incurred after leaving employment are fully reimbursable up to deferral amount.

FSA Dependent Care Account:

Defer up to $5,000 for childcare expenses necessary to allow you to work, such as daycare, after school care, summer day camps, etc. ($2,500 if married filing separately).

Transportation Reimbursement Account (TRA):

Defer up to $3,600 for eligible commuter parking expenses and/or $3,000 for mass transit expenses. Note: Do not sign up for a TRA if you park in a City garage or lot and have pre-tax payroll deductions.

Reimbursement Options:

Your current reimbursement option will remain in effect unless you elect to change it. If you are not currently enrolled, you will be enrolled in the Benefits MasterCard unless you elect EasyPay. 

  • EasyPay: Automatically have your claims reimbursed for all your eligible Health Care expenses processed through PacificSource or Delta Dental (a Moda Health-affiliated company) – No FSA claim forms, or documentation required! This option is not available if you have double coverage for health insurance or if you cover a domestic partner who is not your tax dependent.
  • Benefits MasterCard: Eligible expenses can be reimbursed directly from your FSA account at many vendors. Documentation of the claim may still be required. If you have double health insurance coverage, be sure to only use your card for claims that have passed through both insurance companies. Your 2023 FSA election will either be loaded onto your current Benefits Mastercard or you will be sent a new Benefits Mastercard. Keep in mind that your 2023 election may not be loaded to your Benefits Debit Card until mid-January. Cards are re-issued with a new number about 30 days prior to the expiration date as long as the participant is still an active participant. Remember to notify any vendor that may have saved your card information for recurring charges (e.g. mail order pharmacy). 
  • Manual Claims: Submit claims manually either via mail, fax or through your PacificSource Administrators online member account. You must use manual submission for child care expenses.


FSA: Under the IRS rules you must have incurred expenses to spend your FSA elections by the end of the plan year’s grace period or funds will be forfeited and retained by the City of Eugene. Please choose your election amount carefully.

TRA: Unused TRA funds cannot be refunded to you, but can roll over for use in the next plan year as long as you re-enroll in the program and continue your TRA participation.

HIPAA Privacy Notice 
The City of Eugene sponsors the City's self-insured group medical, dental and vision plans. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) restricts the City Health Plan's use and disclosure of health information in order to preserve privacy for plan members. It is the policy of the City to comply fully with the health information privacy standards of HIPAA. 

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