Deferred Compensation


  1. Enrollment and Changes
  2. What is Deferred Comp?
  3. Maximum Deferral Limits
  4. Deferred Comp Committee
  5. Handbook and Plan Document
  6. Former Employees
  7. Voya On-Site Hours
  8. Contact Voya Financial

Enrollment and Changes

We are excited that you are interested in learning more about participating in the City’s Deferred Comp Plan! Important links and information regarding the Deferred Comp Plan is available below and in the tabs on the left.

Already enrolled in Deferred Comp?

You can easily make changes to your account online by logging in or registering your account at Click here for details.

For special circumstances, you can make a change to your contributions by completing a Special Situation Contribution Change Form. This form is intended to be used for only special circumstances. 

Employees choosing to roll their final payouts into their DC account or elect a Catch-up Contribution should complete the DC Catch-up & Rollover Election Form

Contact the Benefits program for more information at or 541-682-5061.

Changes are effective in the month following the date the online change or form is completed.

New to Deferred Comp?

You can enroll online by creating an account at Voya. If you do not already have the login code please contact the Benefits program at or 541-682-5061, or your local Voya representatives at 541-343-6759.

Do you want to meet with a Voya Representative?

If you prefer, you can meet with Voya to enroll in the plan or discuss your fund options by calling Voya’s local office at 541.343.6759.