Mayor and City Council

City Council, Ward 7 Vacancy

October 5, 2022: Confirm process, application, and supplemental questions.

October 6 - November 9, 2022: Activate application, publicize appointment opportunity, (press release, media announcements, website, notice to community groups, etc.)

November 9, 2022: Application deadline, 5 p.m.

November 14, 2022: Submitted applications & interview ballot sent to council.

November 23, 2022: Council interview ballots due.

November 28, 2022: Councilors submit interview questions. Selected applicants contacted to confirm interviews.

December 5-7, 2022: Special Meeting to conduct interviews.

December 8, 2022: Council nomination ballots due.

December 12, 2022: Council meeting/action to confirm appointment of interim councilor.

View City Council October 5, 2022 Special Meeting here and presented materials here.

Qualifications for Interim Ward 7 City Council

 Applicants who meet qualifications outlined in the Eugene Charter (Chapter 3, Section 8 and Chapter 6, Section 19) can be appointed as interim City Councilor for Ward 7.


Eugene Charter 

Chapter 3, Section 8: 

Council - Qualifications: During a councilor’s term, the councilor shall reside in the ward from which the councilor was elected or to which he or she was appointed. In addition, to be elected or appointed as a councilor, a person must meet the qualifications described in Section 19.

 Chapter 6, Section 19: 

Qualifications: No person may hold an elective city office unless a legal elector under the laws and constitution of the state, a resident of the city for one year immediately before being elected or appointed to the office, and unless, if elected, receiving a majority of the votes cast for candidates for the office at the election at which the office is filled. The city council shall provide for such election by majority vote.

Applicants Selected for Interviews

The following five applicants have been selected for interviews:

  • Janet Ayres
  • Daniel Isaacson
  • Lyndsie Leech
  • Barbie Walker
  • Carol Zorn

City Council will interview applicants on at a Special Meeting on December 5, 2022 starting at 5:30pm.  

Interview Ballot Results

City of Eugene Elected Officials


The mayor serves as the City’s political head and chairperson of the council. She is elected by the City at large on a nonpartisan ballot for a four-year term. The mayor is the formal representative of the City. She presides over City Council meetings but has no vote except in the case of a tie. 

City Council

The City Council, Eugene’s legislative body, has eight members and is responsible for passing laws, setting community goals, adopting policy and deciding which services the City will provide. Councilors are elected on a nonpartisan ballot for four-year terms. One councilor is elected from each of eight wards with one-half of the council elected every two years. Don’t know who represents you? Find your ward.

When submitting comments, please include your ward number or address in your communication to the City Council. Providing this information will identify concerns and questions for the City Councilor representing your ward.

Mayor Kitty Piercy

Mayor Lucy Vinis

01/2021 - 01/2025

Emily Semple, Ward 1

Emily Semple,
Ward 1

01/2021- 01/2025

Councilor Keating

Matt Keating,
Ward 2


Alan Zelenka, Ward 3

Alan Zelenka,Ward 3

01/2019 - 01/2023

Jennifer Yeh, Ward 4

Jennifer Yeh,
Ward 4

01/2019 - 01/2023

City Councilor Mike Clark

Mike Clark,
Ward 5

01/2019 - 01/2023

Greg Evans, Ward 6

Greg Evans,
Ward 6

01/2019 - 01/2023

Ward 7

01/2021- 01/2025

Eugene City Councilor Randy Groves, Ward 8

Randy Groves,
Ward 8