Park Blocks

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Redesign Purpose

The Park Blocks are a living legacy of the forethought and civic spirit of the earliest founders of Eugene. Located in the heart of downtown, the area is home to two beloved organizations: the Eugene Saturday Market and the Lane County Farmers Market. As envisioned in the Town Square Concept Plan, the Park Blocks will become the centerpiece to a vibrant public space that will bring new life to Downtown Eugene.

What Needs Fixing?

Our public spaces make our city stronger civically, socially, culturally and economically, yet the Park Blocks today are often underutilized outside programmed events.

Accessibility obstacles and insufficient utilities contribute to the current underutilization of space, but at a deeper level, the Park Blocks lack energy. Without a clear connection to our city, their current state fails to demonstrate the care and passion that we have for our community. The Town Square Concept Plan re-envisions the Park Blocks as a place where we can celebrate our great joys, collectively mourn our tragedies, and come together for the cultural events that make life richer.

The new Park Blocks will serve as a central hub for our community to gather, celebrate, shop, and experience all it means to live, work, and play in Eugene.

Work Completed So Far

In the spring and summer of 2019, the City of Eugene led an innovative public involvement process with the Eugene community to co-create a vision for the Park Blocks and surrounding area. In collaboration with the Lane County Farmers Market, Eugene Saturday Market, local businesses, and other downtown stakeholders as well as the public at large, the City developed the Eugene Town Square Concept Plan, which provides the foundation for the future Park Blocks improvements.

The Farmers Market Pavilion and plaza opened in the summer of 2022, marking the first major milestone in the realization of the Concept Plan's vision. The City's Cultural Services Division operates the facility and provides additional information about events and reservations on their web page.

Next Steps

  • City Staff will work with Council to develop a plan for funding and implementing the Park Blocks improvements.