Pre-Approved ADU: The POD by Aligned Architecture

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Pre-Approved ADU: The POD ADU

The POD is a pre-approved accessory dwelling unit (ADU) designed by Aligned Architecture.


  • 287 Sqft livable area
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Clerestory

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The POD by Aligned Architecture


This light-filled and airy home would add a charming presence in any Eugene lot. Super compact, the floor plan maximizes usable space for the occupant. One great room unifies the home, providing flexibility to become living, sleeping, working or dining space.  Two roof planes, one sloped and one flat, bring a human scale to the façade of the building. Inside, the form of the roofs are articulated in shaping the interior space. The two roofs are separated by clerestory windows that draw in light to expand the space. Outside, the flat roof extends past the building walls to create a nicely scaled entry porch with exposed timber structure that evokes the spirit of the Pacific North West.