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Sustainable Events Services Program: 

In partnership with Lane County Waste Management, this program provides cost effective durable dishware and water bottle refilling station delivery and pick up options for events hosted in our area.

City of Eugene, in partnership with Lane County,  offers contracted durable dishware and water bottle refilling stations to event producers that want to provide high-quality durable dishware instead of disposable paper plates, plastic forks, etc. that end up in the trash.

Through contracted service provided by Action Rental-All & Events, the Sustainable Events Services Program will deliver dishware that has been cleaned and sanitized to your event, and will collect the dirty dishes after your event is over, all for much less than the cost of purchasing disposable food service ware.                                                                 

Why should my event use durable dishware instead of disposables?

  • Reusable dishware consumes much less energy and resources over its lifetime than its disposable counterparts, and event attendees prefer sustainable food service options and enjoy using durable utensils and plates over flimsy disposable items.   
  • Event vendors appreciate being able to save money that would have otherwise been spent on costly single-use food service products.  
  • Water bottle refilling stations are a popular choice at events, reducing the waste associated with disposable bottled water products while ensuring access to a clean, safe, and free hydration option.

For more information visit Lane County's Sustainable Event Services webpage  OR 

Check out the SES Program brochure here!

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