Pre-Approved ADU:  Original Məxiɫp ("Maheeshp") ADU by CedarStone 

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Pre-Approved ADU: The Original Məxiɫp ("Maheeshp") ADU

The Original Məxiɫp ("Maheeshp") ADU is a pre-approved accessory dwelling unit (ADU) designed by CedarStone.


  • 800 Sqft building footprint
  • 675 Sqft livable area
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 1 Bathroom
  • Single level + loft


CedarStone is pleased to present a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), designed, engineered, and ready to build.  Embrace innovative building strategies to enjoy affordable luxury with a low carbon footprint. Thoughtfully designed, we offer beauty and comfort - essential elements of true long-lasting sustainability. Enjoy the fresh smell of douglas fir, no brittle drywall, no off-gassing, and no mold contamination, rain or shine. Our structures are fire safe, energy-efficient, and will keep their beauty for many generations to come.

CedarStone ADU exterior

Why CedarStone?

  • Complete package pricing
  • Hassle-free single contact - we design, build, and offer complete construction management
  • Quick construction - we strive to deliver the complete package home in 6-8 weeks
  • No Mold, No Critters - no wall cavities!
  • Healthy air quality- no off-gassing and filtration for removing particulate especially due to wildfires
  • Low carbon footprint - carbon sequestering materials & energy-efficient enclosure
  • Exceptional acoustic insulation - a restful interior
  • Accessibility - bedroom and bathroom on the first floor
  • Durable - no brittle drywall, solid wood panels that will last for many generations to come
  • Superior fire safety - solid wood panels keep structural integrity longer than steel in a fire
  • Beauty - timeless architectural design, vaulted ceilings 
  • Smart Investment - 100+ year home with savings in its low maintenance & energy efficiency


All of our timber comes from forests that are sustainably harvested so that your grandchildren can feel proud of where these homes come from. 

Long lasting timber structures keep CO2 out of the air.  With a continuous layer of insulation you get minimal thermal bridging and impressive air-tightness so you avoid the loss of heat/energy that we see in typical buildings. The high thermal mass keeps the temperature stable throughout the day, reducing the need for heating or cooling throughout the life of the home.



Saving you money and stress, the structure is delivered to the site in pre-cut panels that are quickly assembled in just a few days. Because the timber structure has a gorgeous interior finish, no brittle drywall is needed. Finish work only includes fixtures and casework, making for a quick build schedule and quiet onsite assembly.


The CedarStone Home offers affordable luxury in a high-performance architectural home by utilizing innovative construction methods and savings over time. Material costs are offset by reduced labor and quick installation while the durability and energy efficiency reduces utility and maintenance costs long into the future.

Learn more

Learn more and purchase plans from the CedarStone website.