Technical Rescue Team

Firefighter repelling into confined space

The Technical Rescue Team is assigned to Station 11 (the Santa Clara Station). Rescue services are provided within the Eugene and Springfield city limits, and in some cases, operate outside the cities to provide personnel safety or to support our strategic partners. Industry and government are required to have a designated confined space rescue team in order to obtain certain confined space entry permits. The department’s Technical Rescue Team provides this service. Station 11 is also home to Rescue 11, who’s members are trained in specialized rescue disciplines beyond normal firefighter training, providing technical rescue capabilities as well as a resource for firefighter safety and survival during large incidents.

The team consists of personnel deployed on the three shifts. Personnel at the ranks of Captain, Engineer, and Firefighter are DPSST certified as Confined Space Technicians, Technical Rope Rescue Technicians, and certified in Vehicle/Machinery Extrication.

If you are with an agency or business and are planning a confined space entry, complete this form to request a letter that contains further instructions.