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Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) is a new unit of Eugene Rec consisting of the Resolve Youth Restorative Justice Program, Inclusion Program and a new Youth Empowerment Program. The existing Inclusion Program and the new Youth Empowerment Program are funded through the  Community Safety Payroll Tax.

Community BuildingResolve Youth Restorative Justice

(Ages 12-17)

Resolve is a restorative justice program that allows youth who have committed non-violent crimes an opportunity to repair harm. Through a partnership with the Lane County Department of Youth Services, our program is forwarded cases appropriate for youth volunteers to work with. Together, volunteers, accountable youth and staff circle up and engage in open, honest dialogue. The group decides restorative actions that allow for closure and healing for the accountable youth, their family and the community. Our volunteers actively support their peers, while accountable youth are provided a contract unique to them. Resolve Program Info

Teen Empowerment Program

City of Eugene Recreation Teen Empowerment Program works with community partners to provide out of school time recreation and enrichment activities for youth. Programs empower youth by building life and job skills, offering access to caring youth and adult mentors, participating in service opportunities, improving leadership abilities, and increasing access to other vital community resources. Programs are designed to be low-barrier and inclusive so that every young person is provided the opportunity to grow up safely and access their best possible future.

Youth Inclusion Services

The City of Eugene's Recreation staff is committed to making all reasonable efforts to ensure that our facilities, programs and services are accessible to and usable by all people. We recognize that some youth require personalized supports in order to participate fully in recreational activities. Through the Inclusion Services Program, parents, caregivers, and youth work with the Inclusion Services Coordinator to create a plan to support the youth’s individual needs. This process will be unique to each participant and we look forward to working collaboratively to support every child. Inclusion Services Info

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  1. Teen Empowerment Program Supervisor

    Alison Willis

    Ph: 541-682-5370

  2. Teen Empowerment Programmer

    Keegan Dysert

    Ph: 541-682-5375

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