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Echo Hollow Pool - Percent for Art

Description of Installation

Installed Summer 2022

The Shapes of Water is a multi-element installation that playfully melds abstract and representational art elements across different zones of the newly renovated Echo Hollow pool facility. Visitors are greeted by a sculptural grouping of three stainless steel and colored-glass raindrop columns, and an accompanying set of smaller, sittable droplet sculptures. Interior and exterior walls feature whimsical aluminum-cut relief panels that bear an implicit message of joy, welcome, diversity, body-positivity and inclusion. 


Echo Hollow Pool opened its doors to the Eugene community in 1969 and has served as an important asset ever since. Approximately 89,000 people of all ages use the facility annually for a wide variety of activities, including beginning swim lessons, aquatic aerobics, lap swim training and regional swim competitions.

In May 2018 Eugene Voters supported a $39 million bond and $3.15 million levy to support Eugene Parks and Rec. The scope of work for renovations at Echo Hollow Pool included establishing a visible entryway into the lobby, energy efficiency (50% energy use reduction and 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions), updating locker rooms, increasing the number of family changing rooms and an expansion of water surface. The increase in pools and pool dimensions provide new aquatic activities for their patrons. These activities range from a zero-depth pool entry for toddler play in the recreation pool to a variety of competitive swim opportunities in the larger pool.

The percent for art process is triggered when any building, park, mall, or other capital construction project (but not including streets, alleys, bicycle paths, and other public thoroughfares) constructed, remodeled or purchased by the city which construction, remodeling or purchasing involves the expenditure of more than $50,000.

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Echo Hollow Pool public art at entry

Artist Statement on Project

The Shapes of Water is an expansive installation weaving together a suite of interrelated art elements that greet visitors through whimsically playful imagery throughout the Echo Hollow Pool facility. The artworks celebrate various aspects of the community’s relationship with water, both at the pool and in our surrounding environment. The stylized forms of raindrops, water droplets and wave forms create a joyful field of play for a menagerie of regionally specific wildlife and water-dwelling people.

This project was made possible by the City of Eugene’s percent for art program. Special thanks to our Echo Hollow Pool Artist Selection Committee for their dedication to the percent for art selection process.

Artist Bio

Pete and his wife and collaborator, Melanie Germond, and their two sons live in Eugene, Oregon.

Since receiving his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2001, Pete has exhibited widely, including solo shows in Chicago and Los Angeles, as well as international exposure. His work has been featured in publications ranging from Art in America to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, and from Elle Belgium to Raising Arizona Kids.

Pete’s recent artistic activities have centered on public art. He has been awarded 25+ public commissions, including sculpture, relief, and mural work. These have included work in a broad range of media: concrete, waterjet/laser-cut steel, terrazzo, painted murals, window glass treatments, wall graphics, and sculptural work with recycled plastics, textiles, and other materials.

Pete is actively involved in building educational and arts opportunities for youth. Prior to relocating to the northwest, Pete served as Executive Director of Central School Project, a regional arts nonprofit in the underserved border region of southeastern Arizona. He was a co-founder and Board President of the first licensed Montessori preschool in the area. Melanie and Pete currently work together to volunteer-teach art at Ridgeline Montessori Public Charter School in Eugene.

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