Bridgette Bammann

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Bridgette Bammann

Blues, 2021

Copper and enamel, 7 x 6 x 2.375 in


On display at the Downtown Eugene Public Library

Artist Bio

While my artistic practice has spanned over a decade, my interest in metalsmithing has only resurfaced in the past two years. As I was about to complete my psychology degree at the University of Oregon, I had room in my schedule for electives outside of my major and decided to try a metalsmithing class. I quickly became fascinated with the hands-on nature of making and the unending exploration that I felt metalsmithing could give me. Currently I am still taking classes through UO and building my portfolio with the hopes of applying for a Master's Degree in metalsmithing. Through my work I am interested in interrupting the intertwined materiality of the object and the way people assign value to it. I would like to redirect value toward the time, patience and skill that are required to complete a piece.

Artist Statement

I like to make pieces that require a lot of my time and allow me to practice metalsmithing techniques. I like to incorporate simple joys into my work that promote a sense of wonder and curiosity, and that prompt further exploration and discussion. I like to explore ways my work can decorate and embellish the body, as jewelry often does. I would like the pieces I make to be comfortable for the wearer, to move with the body and be given the natural support that the body offers.

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