Pre-Approved Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Plans Program

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The Pre-Approved Accessory Dwelling Unit Program encourages the construction of ADUs by offering property owners a selection of pre-approved ADU building plans that can be downloaded from this page or purchased from the plans library. The program assists property owners in creating ADUs by providing architectural plans, expediting the building permit process, and reducing pre-construction fees. 

The plans library offers a variety of styles, sizes and special features such as energy-efficient, accessible and low-cost units. The City of Eugene’s pre-approved plans include customizable options to allow for variations in exterior materials and roof style.  The program helps the city meet community goals as expressed through Envision Eugene by providing more housing and more diverse options throughout the city.

Program History

Eugene is in a housing crisis. Years of underproduction, high construction costs and low wages have created an environment where many community members struggle to find housing they can afford. The City is classified as a severely rent-burdened city meaning that a majority of community members spend more than 30% of their income on housing costs. 

To address this, the Eugene City Council asked staff to recommend possible strategies and tools to address the barriers to housing affordability, availability, and diversity. The Pre-Approved ADU program is one tool to work towards that goal. The program offers multiple architectural plans for detached ADUs that have already gone through the building permit review.  The program lowers the pre-development costs for ADUs.

Facts about ADUs in Eugene

ADUs are a way to provide space for your family, friends and out of town guests, an affordable rental unit, or just a private studio space in your own backyard. Some people even build one to live in and rent out their house. There are so many possibilities and we’re here to help you through the process, step by step.

•    ADUs are currently allowed in all neighborhoods.

•    ADUs can be a maximum of 800 sq. ft. or 10% of the lot area in most zones (whichever is smaller).

•    ADUs in most zones only need to meet the design standards required for ADUs and are not subject to other residential design  


•    ADUs do not require additional off-street parking.

•    Owner occupancy of either unit is not required.

•    ADUs are not restricted by minimum lot size, lot dimension or maximum density.

•    ADUs are allowed on alley access lots and flag lots.

•    System Development Charges  (SDCs) can be financed through the City for up to 10 years

Documents and Plans for Application Submittal

The following documents have been created to assist you in the preparation of your building permit submittal for your ADU. 

•  ADU Checklist

•  City of Eugene ADU Pre-Approved Plans

•  ADU Pre-Approved Plans Library

 eBuild User Guide

•  For Stormwater Information - Please contact, 541-682-8400 for information

Contact Information

ADU Types

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Thank you!

The City of Eugene Staff would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the architects and design professionals that volunteered their time to help create this program. By offering ADU plans at significantly reduced rates, more community members will have an opportunity to impact the housing shortage.

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