Streatery Program

Claim 52 has extra outdoor seating thanks to the City of Eugene's streatery program.

(Updated October 16, 2023)

Temporary Permit Program Extended

Allows Café Seating in the Public Right of Way

Eugene restaurants wanting to expand their dining rooms into the outdoors can do so through a no-cost, temporary permit program from the City of Eugene.

Restaurants can expand their serving areas onto sidewalks and on-street parking spaces with a “Streatery” permit, which allows café seating in the public right of way. 

The no-fee Streatery program is in effect until April 14, 2024. Restaurants that received a permit before October 2023 will need to submit a new permit application.

“Eugene restaurants are hubs of jobs and joy,” says Eugene City Manager Sarah Medary. “The City is happy to support them in finding ways to creatively serve their customers using the public right of way. ”

Portable heaters should be used according to manufacturer’s instructions to ensure adequate clearances, ventilation, combustion air, and support. The City of Eugene does not require a permit to use portable heaters, but the Fire Marshal’s Office will investigate complaints about the improper use of portable heaters.

How to Apply

To apply, interested parties should complete the Temporary Permit for Outdoor Seating within the Public Right of Way.

  • Applicants must attach a map, either photograph or diagram showing the public right of way they wish to use for outdoor seating. 
  • Contact the City’s business support team at to confirm the boundary of the public right of way.
  • Use the City’s design guidelines for café seating and window and sidewalk signage.
  • The use of on-street parking spaces requires a safety barrier to protect customers from moving vehicles. Provide a description of barrier materials, including their placement and height.
  • Those wanting to use on-street parking spaces must also provide proof of general liability insurance that will protect permit holder and the City from claims for property damage or bodily injury (see specific requirements below).
  • The Oregon Liquor Control Commission also requires an adjustment to a liquor license to extend service beyond premises. Download OLCC Extension of Licensed Premises application.

Applicants should submit completed applications to:

Insurance Requirements

For café seating in on-street parking spaces, the permit application refers to insurance requirements, described below:

ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 56- 17- 02-F (see page 9 of 29)


R -3.336- F Insurance and Hold Harmless Agreement.

1. Insurance Coverage. Upon approval of a license application, but prior to issuance, the vendor shall furnish to the City, or its designee, proof of broad form commercial general

liability insurance, including products and completed operations coverage for food and beverage service ( if applicable). Such insurance shall:

1.1 Protect licensee and the City from all claims for damage to property or for bodily injury, including death, which may arise from operations under or in connection with the license;

1.2 Provide split limits coverage in the minimum amount of $250,000 for bodily injuries to one person, $ 500,000 for bodily injuries for each occurrence, and $ 100,000 property damage, or in lieu of the above described coverages, a combined single limit of not less than $500,000 covering any number of claims arising out of any single occurrence, plus cost of defense;

1.3 Be without prejudice to other existing coverage;

1.4 Name as additional insureds the City, its officers, agents, and employees;


1.5 Provide that the policy shall not terminate or be cancelled prior to the expiration of the license term without 30 days written notice to the City or its designee, unless waived by the City or its designee in writing.

At least ten days prior to the expiration of a liability insurance policy required hereunder, or the effective date in a notice of insurance cancellation, the licensee shall submit to the City or its designee, satisfactory documentation that the insurance has been renewed, extended, or replaced. Failure to comply with this requirement, or if the insurance lapses, is cancelled, or is less than the required amounts, shall be grounds for the immediate and summary suspension of the license or permit.