Rules, Rates, & Regulations

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The City of Eugene sets rates and standards for solid waste, recycling, food waste, and yard debris collection within the city limits. Waste Prevention staff work with residents, businesses, and licensed haulers to ensure the waste collection system operates smoothly and efficiently. Waste Prevention staff also provide support to businesses that are required to comply with the city's single-use ordinances. Check out the links on this page for more information! 


Behold the sound of a Thundercan. We hear it roll through our neighborhoods each week when our neighbors walk their empty garbage and recycling bins in from the street. Did you know garbage and recycling bins can remain on the curb for no more than 24 hours? It is a City Rule, but it is also who we are. We are residents of Eugene who contribute to more livable, less cluttered streets, and enjoy making a little thunder along the way.

Text on blue background "Thundercans Roll Thunder." next to a woman rolling a garbage can.

Single-Use Ordinances

Many single-use items are a significant source of waste, contribute to litter, and often cannot be recycled. Recognizing this, the City of Eugene has three ordinances aimed to improve sustainable consumption. Check out the  page for details. 

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Licensed Haulers and Rates

Need garbage service? The City of Eugene issues licenses and sets the rates for haulers who collect solid waste, recycling, food waste, and yard debris within Eugene's city limits. Visit the page to learn more.

Haulers and Rates

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