Leave Donations Program

Helping Hand Leave Donations
  1. COVID-19 Emergency Leave Donation Program
  2. Medical Leave Donation Program
  3. Wildfire Emergency Leave Donation Program

Emergency Leave Donation

The City offers an Emergency Leave Donation program that allowed all Regular, Limited Duration, and Recreation Activity employees to donate accrued leave to the City’s COVID-19 Leave Donation Program for use by other eligible employees.

While we have currently paused accepting donations to the bank, eligible employees may still request access to donated leave using the donation request form below.

Effective 01/30/22, City of Eugene Temporary employees who miss time they were scheduled to work due to COVID-19, will be eligible for up to 40 hours of donated leave if they have exhausted their available Oregon Sick Time Leave. This provision is not available for employees who are employed through Galt, Quantum, or other contracting agencies.