Bond Projects

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Since the approval of a $39.5 million bond and $3.15 million levy in May 2018, Eugene’s Parks and Recreation System Plan has been coming to life. 

See all the bond projects funded by the 2018 Parks and Recreation bond on the map above. Screen reader compatible version.


  1. alton baker park lighting

  2. churchill tennis court renovation

  3. four turf fields

  4. south bank lighting

  1. berkeley park

  2. downtown riverfront park

  3. north amazon running trail renovation

  4. tugman park renovation

  1. campbell community center renovation

  2. echo hollow pool and fitness center renovation

  3. sheldon pool and fitness center renovation

  4. west bank lighting

Projects in Progress

  1. amazon creek restoration

  2. Golden Gardens Park Master Plan

  3. Mattie Reynolds Park

  4. striker field park

  1. churchill tennis court renovation

  2. Habitat restoration

  3. monroe park lighting and restrooms

  4. Suzanne Arlie Park Ridgeline Trail and Access

  1. Delta Ponds Loop Trail and Bridge

  2. Martin Luther King Jr Park Renovation

  3. santa clara community park

  4. university park renovation