SDC Methodologies

SDC Methodology

The methodology for the SDC fee is intended to promote the objective that future developments system users will contribute an equitable share of the cost of existing facilities and the cost of increasing capacity of new capital projects.

  1. Transportation 
  2. Parks 
  3. Stormwater 
  4. Wastewater 

The Transportation System Development Charge (TSDC) Methodology is based on a system-wide cost per trip, where the cost associated with meeting future growth needs are divided by the projected growth. The methodology includes both improvement and reimbursement TSDC components.

Development of the TSDC includes the following basic steps:

  • Determine growth in trips
  • Determine growth share of system costs
  • Calculate the system-wide costs per trip
  • Develop the TSDC rate

City Engineer Directive for use of ITE Trip Generation Manual, 11th Edition

The memorandum link below provides policy directive to City staff regarding Transportation SDC Methodology Section 4.2 "Assigned Trip Generation Rates."

TSDC Section 4.2 Memo August 12, 2022

SDC Methodology Review

Rate adjustments occur periodically to review and update each system’s rate structure to ensure equitable cost recovery for the city’s increased capacity needs.

SDC rate adjustments between comprehensive system methodology reviews/updates to account for changes in construction costs and system valuation are based on adopted construction costs index.

Adopted SDC Methodologies