Hate & Bias Prevention and Response Toolkit

We are committed to working to make Eugene a welcoming and safe community for everyone. To achieve this, we must create an environment in which hatred and bigotry are not acceptable as they directly undermine the Eugene we all want to live in. 

Hate and bias have major impacts on victims, families, and communities at large. In Eugene, everyone has a stake in creating a community where every person feels welcome, valued and respected. 

This Prevention and Response Toolkit exists to support you, your neighborhood, and your communities in engaging with us in this effort.

Community action can result in building stronger connections and greater resiliency in our community.

How to Use the Toolkit

This Toolkit is for preventing and addressing hate activity and coordinating response to hate activity through community support. Learn how to:

  • Identify hate and bias
  • Report hate incidents
  • Develop strategies for addressing hate in your community and neighborhood

Tools provided

Take advantage of the following tools and more:

  • Quick guide to reporting
  • Readiness and learning checklist
  • Examples of statements of action for community groups
  • Action plan templates
  • Door-to-door knocking scripts
  • Four appendices for further learning 

Get Involved

Please email OECE staff at equity@eugene-or.gov to learn more or discuss additional learning and engagement opportunities.