Commuter Parking

Monthly Commuter permits are available in City-owned lots, garages, and commuter zones.

Issuance is based on availability. If a location is full, submitting an application will automatically add you to the waitlist.

Purchase a commuter permit via the Permit Portal at

March 8, 2022 Update: 

Monthly Commuter Permits are currently issued at the Permit Portal, but will soon be issued in the Aims Parking online platform. Aims Parking is currently used for City of Eugene Residential Permits. When this transfer is complete, existing permit holders will be notified via email. We will be communicating additional Aim Parking login and payment instructions as we finalize the transition timeline. 

Garage Rates

Locate Parking Garages with our Interactive Parking Zone Map.

Broadway North

Broadway South900 Charnelton St.$60.00
Overpark1000 E. 10th Ave.$70.00*
Pearl Street170 E. 10th Ave.$68.00
Parcade35 W. 8th Ave.$60.00*
Hult Center1 Eugene Center$54.00

*Rideshare is 50% of monthly rate

Surface Lots

Locate surface lots with our Interactive Parking Zone Map.

Location AddressMonthly
1060 Olive1060 Olive St.$100.00
Municipal Court
1102 Lincoln St.
City Hall829 Pearl St.$60.00
Train Depot433 Willamette St.$100.00
Ferry Street Bridge


On-Street Parking Rates

Locate on-street commuter zones with our Interactive Parking Zone Map.

Zone C - Commuter$55.00/month
Zone D - Commuter$125.00/month
Zone 40 - Commuter$55.00/month


All city garages are FREE on Saturday and Sunday, except for event parking.

Downtown Hourly Off-Street 

  • $1.20 per hour
  • All-day rates: $8.00 per day

Downtown On-Street Meters

  • $1.35 per hour

Campus On-Street Meters

  • $2.00 per hour 

View the Administrative Order regulating these parking rates.