Owners & Organizers

 Event owner looking confidently over her shoulder while in a meeting with stakeholders

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Owners & Organizers bridge the gap between each of the responsible event stakeholder groups.

Guiding Goals

In order to achieve the best possible outcome for responsible events, Owners & Organizers are encouraged to:

  • Foster an internal culture where achieving triple bottom line objectives is encouraged and expected, especially in regards to the procurement of goods and services related to staging events.
  • Leverage organizational strengths (and weaknesses) that relate to achieving responsible events when negotiating custom sponsorship packages with interested businesses and partners.
  • Connect with other stakeholder groups and explore mutually beneficial ways to achieve triple bottom line social and environmental goals.

Value Proposition

As a representative of OWNERS & ORGANIZERS, you want to organize your event in a way that aligns with the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility as you associate your brand with societal good. 

The Responsible Event Framework provides a practical guide that brings clarity and simplicity to responsible, triple bottom line efforts that affect Owners & Organizers, such as communication, procurement and resource management.