Telecommunications Program

Eugene Telecommunications

The City of Eugene's telecommunications vision is completion and operation of a coordinated regional information infrastructure that provides accessible and affordable high-speed connectivity for citizens, public institutions, and businesses and is constructed in a manner that best serves the public interest. In 1996, City Council adopted this vision and nine policies to guide the telecommunications program.


  • Ordinance 20078: In February 1997, the City Council adopted an ordinance that established a thorough set of land use provisions regarding telecommunication facilities. Prior to the approval of Ordinance 20078, issues of tower siting, co-location of towers, and placing utility wires underground were not comprehensively addressed under the City’s existing Conditional Use Permit process.
  • Ordinance 20083: In April 1997, the City Council adopted Ordinance 20083 which addressed questions of right-of-way user fees, protection of the public right-of-way, and registration fees.

Program Components

  • Compensation for use, otherwise known as "rent": The ordinance retains the 7 percent right-of-way user fee to compensate the public as rent for use of the public right-of-way.
  • Management and maintenance of the public right-of-way: The ordinance contains provisions that preserve the integrity of the right-of-way and maintain the health and safety of the community. A City Council task team will work with local utilities and telecommunications providers to develop a long-range plan for placing utility wires underground.
  • Community investment: Eugene’s ordinance includes a registration fee for all wireline and wireless telecommunications providers who operate facilities in Eugene. This 2 percent annual fee (based on gross revenue from Eugene customers) will be used to fund (a) administrative activities, including licensing, consumer protection, and policy analysis; and (b) important community projects and services. Nearly all of the projects and services will serve to increase the amount of telecommunications used in Eugene, generating new market opportunities for providers. The project list is available upon request.

A longer version of the right-of-way video includes commentary from a variety of Oregon elected officials.