Applying for an Event Permit

Submit an event permit application online:  Fire Safety Event Permit Application;

Or download a copy here: Fire Safety Event Permit Application- PDF Fillable

Application Process. Complete the application in its entirety and provide all required documentation. Application packets can be emailed or mailed to our office via the contact information at the bottom of the application. Once received, our office will review the application and contact the applicant should any changes need to be made to your configuration. A Deputy Fire Marshal will contact you a few days prior to the event to schedule your inspection. Inspections will only take place once event setup is 95% complete; this includes vendors, displays, merchandise, decorations, fire extinguishers, etc. all in place. 

Required Documentation: Each permit will require a different set of documentation to submit with your application. Please review the permit types listed with the application; provide the required documents for any permit type in which you selected on the application. The documents listed are not all inclusive and specific document requirements may vary depending on applicable codes and the nature of the event. The Fire Marshal’s Office will reach out to request additional documentation if it is deemed necessary.

Floor or Site Plans should include the following, where applicable:

  • The location and width of all exit doors, aisles in large exhibitor areas, and the main event aisle ways
  • The location, size, and identification number of exhibits, booths, cooking booths, and other display spaces
  • The location and size of propane (LPG) containers
  • The location and width of the fire lanes and the location of fire hydrants
  • The distance from tents to property lines, fences, and structures
  • The location of fire extinguishers, exit lighting, and exit signs

Payment Processing. Payment must be made within 30 days of issuance of permit unless otherwise stated on an invoice, after which point a late fee will be charged to the applicant or person listed for billing on the application. Please provide complete billing information on the application including city, state, and zip of the billing address; list the business or person responsible for payment and specify the department if needed. Our office will mail an invoice to the provided billing address if payment has not been received within approximately 10 business days of receiving your application. If you choose to send payment ahead of time without receiving an invoice, it is highly recommended that you first verify the correct fee amount with our office after we’ve received the application. Payment can be made via credit or debit card provided over the phone, or by check mailed to our office. Mailing and contact information are provided at the bottom of the application.