Construction Permits

Required Permits 

Permit services for new construction, remodel, tenant improvement, tank installation/removal and the installation of fire protection systems (sprinklers and alarms) are managed by Building and Permit Services (BPS)

Three Deputy Fire Marshals are assigned to and stationed in BPS (2 in Eugene and 1 in Springfield).

These deputies work in concert with building code analysts, inspectors, land use staff and public works to ensure project compliance with codes and standards. Deputies conduct fire plan reviews and inspections on all commercial projects, multifamily residential, single family residential over 3600 square feet, fire protection systems and hazardous tanks/processes. 

The following documents may be useful in preparing your project.

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Eugene 20.jpg
Eugene 21.jpg
Eugene 22.jpg

All questions and inquiries regarding construction or inspections should be directed to the deputy fire marshal that performed the plan review and the building code analyst for the project or to BPS.