Site Development

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Planning for Fire Safety

In a fire or medical emergency, the ability for fire crews to get their fire apparatus to the site or building is a key part of a fast response. In the event of a structure fire, closely located fire hydrants with an adequate water supply for firefighting is necessary to successfully control and extinguish a fire. 

During the initial planning of a new housing development, a new commercial building or even with the development of local street designs, the Fire Marshal’s Office reviews the plans and provides information to the designer or developer of the requirements for water and access based on the Oregon Fire Code Chapter 5: Fire Service Features (including appendices B, C and D).

Eugene 24 edited.jpgFor fire apparatus, this could include the height and width of access roads, the needed load bearing requirements, the turning radius and grade permitted, fire lane signage and gate access. For fire hydrants and water supply, the Fire Marshal's Office works closely with public utilities, and the Cities of Eugene and Springfield's water providers to ensure that the water mains are designed to meet the Oregon Fire Code’s fire flow and that when installed the hydrants are spaced and functional for use when needed for firefighting.