Adaptive Technology Printing

Braille Printing Instructions

  1.  Open MS Word on one of the Adaptive Technology computers. Word will automatically open a blank document.
  2.  Load or type the document you wish to emboss.
  3.  Click on the tab at the top of the page entitled TIGER and choose QUICK EMBOSS.
  4.  Ask a staff member to turn on the Braille printer. The ON switch is located above the power plug, on the right side and in back of the printer.

Note: Because you have chosen QUICK EMBOSS, the printer will begin embossing right away. There is no need to press print or otherwise manipulate the document. QUICK EMBOSS is the easiest way to print your job.

Color Printing Instructions

If you are using one of the Adaptive Technology computers at the Downtown Library and want to print in color, follow these simple instructions. The color printer is located on the second floor.

  1.  Click File in the upper left corner.
  2.  Select Print from the list of choices under File.
  3.  Select P6CEPUB/ to send the document to the color printer.
  4.  Retrieve your prints on the second floor and ask a staff member at the service desk there to give you a payment slip to take to the Cards & Accounts desk on the first floor. Color prints cost $.50 per page.