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A sustainable future requires transforming the way our community gets things done. We make change easier by offering programs and tools for residents to make more sustainable choices in the home. Programs listed below highlight waste prevention and recycling resources for residents in Eugene. 

Love Food Not Waste Curbside Food Waste Collection

Eugene tosses 40 million pounds of food into the local landfill each year, half of which comes from homes.  Composting food waste allows us to use this material for something useful while also reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Customers who have residential garbage service have the option to put food waste in their yard debris bin instead of in the garbage. The mixed food waste and yard debris will be turned into nutrient-rich compost by local processors.
Love Food Not Waste

Recycling in Eugene

Curbside recycling service is included in the cost of garbage collection. Most materials are commingled, with glass collected in a separate container. Contamination reduces the economy and effectiveness of our recycling system. Any items that are not recyclable should not be placed in commingled recycling bins.  For printable recycling resources click here for an informational flyer

Recycling Items -YES

Food Waste Prevention 

Reducing your food waste footprint saves time, money, and the planet. Consider measuring your food waste for one week or even just one day. Use a bucket or bowl with a lid and instead of throwing your food scraps or spoiled food in the garbage, place them in the bin. Chances are, you’ll be surprised at how much ends up in there. Click here to try some food waste prevention tips  and see if you can reduce how much food you throw away. 
Waste Prevention Link

Behold the sound of a Thundercan. We hear it roll through our neighborhoods each week when our neighbors walk their empty garbage and recycling bins in from the street. Did you know garbage and recycling bins can remain on the curb for no more than 24 hours? It is a City Rule, but it is also who we are. We are residents of Eugene who contribute to more livable, less cluttered streets, and enjoy making a little thunder along the way.

Text on blue background "Thundercans Roll Thunder." next to a woman rolling a garbage can.

Urban Agriculture

The Urban Agriculture Program promotes growing food in an urban environment and provides information on urban agriculture education, gleaning, growing fresh fruit and vegetables, and garden siting.

Hands gleaning produce from a farm-links to a page with information on urban agriculture

Sustainability at Home

There are lots of steps you can take to be more sustainable at home, like using alternative transportation, buying locally, making your home energy efficient, eating a plant based diet, conserving water and switching to EWEB Greenpower. Click the link to learn more about other sustainable practices.
hands placing food waste into a yard waste bin-links to info about residential food waste collection

Backyard Composting

The City of Eugene supports a variety of composting programs with the objective of increasing the amount of organic material being diverted from the landfill and into beneficial uses. We support educational programs for backyard composters, compost programs in area K-12 schools, and a commercial food compost program.
Compost specialists demonstrate trench composting at River House for observers

Lane County Recycling Guide

The Waste Management Division of Lane County Public Works' mission is to provide safe, responsible and economical recycling and disposal services, while respecting the environment and communities we serve. In addition to waste disposal and recycling options, they provide safe disposal options for hazardous waste and other products. 

Newspapers in a pile ready for recycling-links to BRING Recycling webpages

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