Multi-family Submittal Requirements eBuild

These instructions outline the requirements for plans submitted electronically through eBuild.

Multi-family projects include any project consisting of a building with 3 or more dwelling units. Many multi-family projects have more than one building. You will be able to submit one application and one set of construction drawings for the entire project. However each building will be given a separate street address and issued separate permits. This will allow occupancy to be granted on a building by building basis. After your project has been accepted for review, your project coordinator will contact you to discuss the review.

What do my drawings need to include?

Submittal requirements will change depending upon the scope of your project. This checklist is provided to give you a general guideline of what your submittal should include.

File Naming Standards
Be sure to take the time to review the required file naming standards before preparing your files for submittal. In order to facilitate the review of your project and allow revisions to be tracked, it is a necessity that your project meet these standards. Keep in mind that plan reviewers will be looking at a list of files as they review your project. Knowing what each file is without having to open each file will save time in the review process. If a project is submitted that does not meet these standards you will be asked to rename the files and resubmit before the project will be accepted for review.

What are the document requirements?

  • All plans and supporting documentation must be submitted in PDF format.
  • If the PDF is a scanned document, the resolution must be a minimum of 200 dpi (dots per inch).
  • Plans must be uploaded as individual sheets. (one sheet = one file). Preferred minimum document size is 11" by 17". 
  • Specification manuals, calculations, and other supporting documentation should submitted as separate PDFs.
  • Security settings need to allow reviewers to mark up digital documents, create notes, and to insert/remove sheets.
  • The total size of files uploaded at one time must be less than 100 MB.

After your submittal has been screened you will be advised if additional items are required or if your application can be accepted for review. If you have questions regarding these requirements contact Intake Staff by email or by phone at 541-682-5505.