Non-Rep Wellness Incentive

Non-Represented employees Wellness Incentive is powered by Wellvibe! Wellvibe’s wellness platform is easy to use, tech-friendly, and offers advanced tools to help you learn about your current health status and assess your future health risk profile.

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Be sure to complete your incentive by December 31, 2022

New to Wellvibe?

  • Welcome Letter
  • Go to
  • Click on "register here", be sure to use your full legal name!
  • Group key code: MTVS38
  • Create your user name and password
  • Sign in to Wellvibe with the user name and password you created

Unless otherwise noted, all wellness incentive activities should be completed on personal time. 

In order to receive payment for a Wellness Incentive bonus, you must be an active Non-Represented employee at the time Wellvibe reports completion of the activity to Benefits Staff. Please note that some activities can take up to 6-8 weeks or longer for Wellvibe to report completed. Those that are reported as completed after December 31st, will not be paid out on. Contact the Benefits staff if you have any questions about payment for a Wellness Incentive activity.