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If you are looking for a fast and full-body workout than look no further, the Power 360 Trainer is just what you need.

Here are six fast and efficient workouts that will give you a full-body workout in just minutes.

Workout One: Bookem Dano Five-O Workout

This workout is only 5 minutes long and a tribute to the Eugene Police Department. Try this high-intensity workout first. Once you try this workout you’ll be hooked.

Bookem Dano Five-O Workout

Workout Two: The Ladder Workout:  

This one is dedicated to the Eugene Fire Department. When climbing the tall ladders in full protective gear gets more challenging the higher you go. Just like this workout, the longer you go the more intense the workout.

The Ladder Workout

Workout Three: The Golfers Workout: 

If you’re a golfer and want to improve your golf swing then this workout is for you. It only takes five minutes and completed two to three times per week and your golf swing will become more powerful and fluid. Give this work out a try and then head to the golf course.

The Golfer’s Workout

Workout Four: Get Some Legs:

Workout Four: Get Some Legs: This workout is all about the legs. Get Some Legs will Get You Some Legs.

Get Some Legs

Workout Five: The Arm Blaster: 

Workout Five: The Arm Blaster: here’s a fun workout just focused on pumping up those arms. It’s fun and fast-paced. Your arms will “feel-it” after this workout.

The Arm Blaster Workout

Workout Six: The Super Circuit Workout: 

This workout combines the Power 360 and some regular weight equipment. Get ready for an all-out blitz on your fitness. This workout will take you to new horizons, it’s Super Circuit Time.

The Super Circuit Workout