Whiteaker Community Council


Whiteaker Community Council begins at the intersection of West 7th Avenue and Chambers Street. Proceed north along the centerline of Chambers and then the centerline of River Road until the south boundary of the Capri subdivision, extended westerly.

Follow the southern boundary of extended Capri to tax lot #1704251302700. Go north along the easterly edge of tax lots #1704251302700 and #1704251300700, then west along the north boundary of the Capri subdivision to the south terminus of Lombard Street. Proceed north along the centerline of Lombard Street to the north boundary of the Briarcliff subdivision. Go east along the Briarcliff subdivision’s north boundary, then north on tax lot #1704251201201 to Maurie Jacobs park. Proceed northwesterly along the boundary of Maurie Jacobs park to the Willamette river.

North Boundary

The Willamette River forms the north boundary of the Whiteaker Community Council (WCC). The southern terminus of WCC is the northeast point of Skinner Butte Park and the Willamette River. Follow the south boundary of Skinner Butte Park to the centerline of Lincoln Street. Go south on Lincoln to the Fifth-Sixth street alley. Proceed west on the Fifth-Sixth street alley to the centerline of Washington Street. Go south to West 7th Avenue. Follow West 7th Avenue to Chambers Street.

Whiteaker Celebration

WCC holds an annual Whiteaker Celebration (in August), and organizes and/or sponsors various projects large and small. Founded in 1974, WCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.