Trainsong Neighbors


Trainsong Neighborhood encompasses property bounded on the west by Highway 99N, on the south by Southern Pacific’s Coos Bay Line, and on the east by the Southern Pacific switching yards extending north to a line even with Barger Drive.

Trainsong Neighborhood Association has recently been reactivated. Things are already changing for the better, as evidenced by the community pulling together after a recent incident. For more information, you can view the video or read the news story.

Trainsong Neighborhood Project - Turn on the Warmth

The Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) wants to work with customers in the Trainsong neighborhood to help improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Customer Benefits

Energy efficiency upgrades can help you:

  • Clear the air by replacing outdated woodstoves
  • Increase the value of your house
  • Increase the warmth of your home
  • Lower your heating bills

Replace Inefficient Heating Systems

Turn on the warmth by replacing inefficient ceiling, wall and baseboard heating, and outdated woodstoves, with new ductless heat pumps.

Replace and Recycle Old Woodstoves for Free

If you are using an older woodstove, it may be polluting your air and that of your neighbors. Did you know that a new law requires that uncertified pellet and woodstoves, such as those that don’t meet pollution standards, must be removed before a house is sold? EWEB will help you to replace it now with a better heating system such as a ductless heat pump. We will even remove and recycle your old woodstove for free.

Rebates and Programs

Some programs have income guidelines. If you rent, EWEB will obtain the owner’s approval before making improvements.