Courtroom Conduct

Courtroom Conduct

When appearing at the Eugene Municipal Court, you will be expected to treat the judge, court personnel and others appearing at the Eugene Municipal Court in a courteous, polite manner. Address the judge as "Your Honor," and follow any instructions of the judge or court clerk. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior will be deemed contempt of court and you may be subject to immediate arrest and incarceration or fined for such behavior.

Noise and Children

Please keep noise in the courtroom to a minimum. Turn off cell phones and/or any other electrical devices. Children may be present in the courtroom, however, if they are disruptive to the court you will be requested to remove them. The court does not provide childcare services.


Weapons are not only prohibited in the courtroom, they are not allowed in city buildings pursuant to ORS 166.370 and Eugene Municipal Court Rules 6.180.

Clothing and Food / Drink

Proper attire is expected at court. Shirts and shoes must be worn, and hats must be removed.

No food or drink is allowed in the courtroom. Smoking, chewing of gum or tobacco products are not allowed.

3.181 Media or Other Public Access Coverage of Court Events

1. Public Access Coverage Defined. As used in this rule:

  • a. Public access coverage" means coverage by means of any public access coverage equipment.
  • b. Public access coverage equipment" means any of the following in the possession of person other than the court or the court’s staff; television equipment; still photography equipment; audio, video, or other electronic recording equipment.

2. Courtrooms. Upon request or on the court’s own motion, after notice to all parties, public access coverage shall be allowed in any courtroom, except as provided under this rule.

  • a. All news media personnel must request permission in advance to take photographs, films, or audio or video recordings in areas under the Court’s control and supervision.
  • b. Requests for media access shall be made to the Trial Judge or designated court staff by 1:00 pm of the preceding day for major trials.
  • c. Persons who are not members of the news media may not take films, photographs, or audio or video recordings of Court proceedings without special approval from a judge.

3. There shall be no media or public access coverage of the following:

  • a. Proceedings in chambers.
  • b. Any notes or conversations intended to be private, including, but not limited to, counsel and judges at the bench and conferences involving counsel and their clients.
  • c. Voir dire.
  • d. Any juror anywhere during the course of the trial in which he or she sits.
  • e. Recesses.
  • f. Lobby area.
  • g. Upstairs and downstairs foyer area.

4. A judge may impose other restrictions or limitations necessary to preserve the solemnity, decorum, and dignity of the court and to protect the parties, witnesses, and jurors.

5. Nothing in this rule is intended to limit the court’s contempt powers.

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