Court Records

Public Disclosure Policy

The court is the legal custodian of Eugene Municipal Court Records. Court staff do not have the authority to disclose records from other agencies or offer any legal advice.

Any member of the public may request copies of Eugene Municipal Court documents which are not exempt by law from disclosure. By law, the court may take a reasonable amount of time to determine if a record may be kept confidential and not disclosed, including time to obtain legal advice.

The City of Eugene charges a minimal fee for the costs of providing records. The fees are set in accordance to the Administrative Fee Schedule maintained by the city recorder.

Expunging a Case

An expungement is a legal process provided by ORS 137.225 in which a court may order setting aside a conviction or a record of arrest.  The statute provides for expungement of misdemeanors (including municipal ordinances), and violations (including state and local ordinances) as otherwise required or allowed by law.  There is an administrative fee of $60 set by the City of Eugene for processing an expungement/set aside request.   This fee is payable to Eugene Municipal Court and due upon filing the request.  If you are unable to pay the fee, please contact the court about a possible waiver.


How long do you need to wait before you can expunge a case?

  • You were arrested, no charges were filed -  60 days from the notice of “NO FILE” by the City Prosecutor 
  • You were or were not arrested, charges were filed, but charges were dismissed - ANY TIME
  • You were or were not arrested, charges were filed, and you were convicted - THREE YEARS for Class A Misdemeanors, ONE YEAR for Class B and Class C Misdemeanors.
  • You were sentenced to probation and the probation was revoked – 3 YEARS from date of the revocation

What documents are required for an expungement?

You will need a Motion and Declaration to Set Aside form for your particular situation. These forms are all included in this packet.


You will also need a current fingerprint card which must be obtained from a law enforcement agency. Locally the Lane County Sheriff's Office, 125 East 8th, provides fingerprint cards. The Lane County Sheriff's Office requires the processing fee be paid in cash, and they require positive photo identification. Call the Lane County Sheriff's office at 541-682-4125 for current cost information.


You will need to forward the completed fingerprint card along with a fee to the Department of State Police for a criminal record check.   More information regarding the criminal record check can be found at this address; .  The Department of State Police will forward a copy of the results of the criminal record check to the City Prosecutor.  NOTE: Your Motion will remain pending and will not move forward until the results of the criminal record check are received by the City Prosecutor.

More information, a complete set of forms and filing instructions are available HERE

Online Records Search

Eugene Municipal Court has implemented public access to our online record search module. The public is able to look at court dockets and see basic case information at:

Submitting a Public Records Request

Requests for Eugene Municipal Court public records follows the policies and procedures outlined in Administrative Order No. 21-04-01-Friday and 21-04-02-Friday. There are 3 options available to request a copy of a citation or other court documents:

  • Submit a request using the Eugene Municipal Court online form HERE
  • Complete the Eugene Municipal Court Public Records Request PDF Form HERE
  • Stop by to pick up the form from a court clerk at the front counter at Eugene Municipal Court. 

With the exception of complex records requests which involve significant staff research or compilation of data, requests for copies of court documents will be completed within 72 business hours. Fees for public records are charged in accordance with Administrative Order No. 21-04-02F including research fees for documents over 5 years old which will require archive research. The court will mail, fax, email, or have your document ready for pick-up at the front counter of Eugene Municipal Court.

For further information regarding the City of Eugene’s Public Records Request Policy and Fee Schedule refer to Administrative Order No. 21-04-01 and 21-04-02-Friday. The current fee schedule is located on the City Recorder’s web page.

Legal Definitions


The information on this site does not constitute legal advice, it is provided for information only. While we make every effort to provide accurate information, there is no guarantee as to the accuracy.