Saturday Inspections

Inspections Available on a Saturday

The City of Eugene, Building and Permit Services offers Saturday inspections for homeowners and contractors. This service targets homeowners and business owners who otherwise might need to take time away from work to meet the inspector on site.


  • We can only schedule a total of ten stops on a given Saturday.
  • If we do not schedule a minimum of four stops, we will cancel all inspections and notify you of the cancellation the Friday before your Saturday inspection.
  • The deadline to request a Saturday inspection is 1:00 p.m. on Friday the day before.
  • You cannot request an a.m. or p.m. preference.
  • You can request a call from the inspector when they are on their way.
  • Not all Saturdays will have all inspection types available so you may need to schedule a month or two out.

To request a Saturday inspection, please contact the Inspection Support Team at 541-682-5283 and reserve a date on the schedule for the Saturday you need. You cannot request a Saturday inspection through the online inspection scheduling application.  You must call and speak with a staff person to schedule.