Vouchers, Injured Animals and Other Services

Other Services


We offer heartworm tests for dogs, and feline leukemia/AIDS tests for cats. These can be done during surgery or during our walk-up hours. Each test costs $27. We sell Heartgard Plus for those patients who have a current heartworm test performed at our clinic.

Flea Control

The clinic offers several different brands of flea medications, including Activyl, Revolution, Cheristin, and Nexgard. Revolution, and Nexgard are prescription medications, and require a yearly brief exam done at no charge by one of our doctors prior to sale. Flea control is sold as both single doses and multi-dose boxes.


We carry a full line of dewormers for roundworms and tapeworms.


Microchips cost $35 and can be implanted during surgery or during our walk-in hours.

Discount Vouchers

We are currently unable to offer reduced-cost vouchers. 

Voucher Prices


Sick or Injured Animals

The Clinic does not have the capacity or facilities to treat sick or injured pets. If your pet is sick or injured please contact your local veterinarian for medical assistance.