Vouchers, Injured Animals and Other Services

Discount Vouchers

**We are currently unable to offer reduced-cost vouchers.**

Voucher Prices


Sick or Injured Animals

The Clinic does not have the capacity or facilities to treat sick or injured pets. If your pet is sick or injured please contact a full service veterinarian.

Low-Cost Medical Services

Community Veterinary Center (541) 636-3324 - A low-cost veterinarian that offers some medical services for pets in need of medical attention and/or wellness care. 

Pro-Bone-O (541) 799-0441 - Offers some medical services and/or wellness care for pets of people who are currently unhoused. 

Urgent & Emergency Care Facilities

Springfield – Emergency Veterinary Hospital  (541) 746-0112 

Springfield – WilVet South (541) 838-0577 

Eugene – Echo Hollow Veterinary Hospital and Urgent Care (541) 844-1038

Other Services


We offer heartworm tests for dogs, and feline leukemia/AIDS tests for cats. These can be done during surgery or during our walk-up hours. Each test costs $35. We sell Heartgard Plus for those patients who have a current heartworm test performed at our clinic.

Flea Control

The clinic offers several different brands of flea medications, including Activyl, Bravecto*, Cheristin (cats only), Nexgard* (oral/dogs only), Credelio* (oral/cats only) and Revolution* (applied in clinic only due to limited supply).  Flea control is sold as both single doses and multi-dose boxes. 

*These medications are prescription and require a yearly brief exam done at no charge by one of our doctors prior to sale.

Deworming Medication

We carry a full line of deworming medication for roundworms, tapeworms and more, including a topical option for cats.


Microchips cost $40 and can be implanted during surgery or during our Wellness Clinic hours.