Plans, Reports and Other Human Rights Documents

Hate and Bias Report

Each year, the City tracks both criminal and non-criminal hate and bias behavior and issues a report. This will be the eleventh year the comprehensive report has been released. The City of Eugene, in alignment with the City Council Goal of creating a Safe Community, is committed to working with community partners to reach the vision of creating a community where every person regardless of their identity is safe, valued and welcome. 

Hate and Bias Response and Prevention Toolkit

Hate and bias have major impacts on victims, families, and communities at large. In Eugene, everyone has a stake in creating a community where every person feels welcome, valued and respected.  This Prevention and Response Toolkit exists to support you, your neighborhood, and your communities in engaging with us in this effort. This toolkit is currently being updated.

Plans, Reports, and Other Documents for Neighborhood Associations and Community Engagement 

Public Engagement Guidelines

By involving the public in identifying priorities and solutions, the City can better understand community concerns, ensure they are reflected in city policies, practices, and programs and provide for the equitable provision of services for all its constituents. These guidelines can help you think about, plan, and execute public participation activities. While the guidelines are not a comprehensive set of instructions on public participation, they do present useful suggestions for how to be culturally competent in your activities.  See the City of Eugene Public Participation Guidelines

Neighborhood Analysis

The City of Eugene’s 2011 Neighborhood Analysis uses data to tell the story of our community.  While the story told is a partial one, with a focus on quantitative information, it offers a valuable window into the current state and character of the city and Eugene neighborhoods. 

Citywide Neighborhood Analysis

Active Bethel Citizens

Amazon Neighborhood Association

Cal Young Neighborhood Association 

Churchill Area Neighbors
Crest Drive Citizens Association

Downtown Neighborhood Association

Fairmount Neighbors 

Far West Neighborhood Association 

Friendly Area Neighbors

Goodpasture Island Neighbors

Harlow Neighbors

Industrial Corridor Community Org.