The purpose of a sign permit is to approve installation, construction, or alteration of business signage to protect the safety, property and welfare of the public. The Sign Standards in Eugene Code Chapter 9 improve the effectiveness of signs to identify and advertise businesses. The regulations do not restrict the content of sign messages.

  1. Step 1 Prepare
  2. Step 2 Apply
  3. Step 3 Review
  4. Step 4 Build

Sign standards regulate the number, type, and size of signs based on the location of the business and the zone of the property. Please contact us if you have questions.

  • Determine the zone of the property by using the zoning map online.
  • Determine the applicable sign standards in Eugene Code (EC) Chapter 9 beginning at EC 9.6600. The Shopping Center and Highway Commercial Sign Standards are based on the business location and not just the zone of the property.
  • Verify if the sign is exempt from the requirements to obtain a sign permit at EC 9.6610. Electrical and building permits may still be required. See the Sign Permit Checklist for information regarding building permit requirements.
  • For all freestanding signs and some projecting signs, you must also submit a Property Line Verification form with your application. Your request will be processed by Public Works Engineering staff within one business day.
  • For a list of prohibited signs, such as banners and balloons, see EC 9.66115.